Step 1: Upload Content

Person Submitting Campaign *
Person Submitting Campaign
Campaigns must be uploaded by an official representative from the organization.
I confirm that I am an official representative of this organization.
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
This shows up on the user's list, at the top of each campaign page, and on the map. ( i.e. "Education in Kahuria, Kenya")
Use coordinates or code for the user to enter for access to your campaign. Be sure to exclude special characters/spaces.
Visit and click your mouse on the location of the campaign. At the bottom you'll see a pop-up of a set of coordinates that looks like this 0.470403, 36.973824
Campaign Expiration Date
Campaign Expiration Date
Campaigns are live through the duration of your organization's partnership with Humanly° unless otherwise indicated here. This can be useful if you want to redirect donors to a new fundraising initiative.
Limited to 15 characters
Limited to 65 characters
The money icon at the bottom of the campaign page will link to this destination. This cannot be changed so be sure to consider where you might point donors to even after a campaign is over.
If you are using our Progress Circle, how are you measuring success for your donors? Some examples might be, "Uniforms Given", "Wells Dug", "Kids Sponsored", "Bowls of Food", "Hours Funded". Keep it short and clear. *15 character limit.
If you're using our Progress Circle, set a goal for your donors so they know how to measure the impact of their gift.
Tell your donors about the community or the people they've impacted. "Kahuria, Kenya is a lush, farming community nestled near the base of the Aberdare mountains..."
If you would like to begin your campaign with a preloaded message on the campaign's newsfeed, please indicate what that would be here. Don't worry if not! There is a different form to schedule these later.


Step 2: Upload Media


Upload one image & one 360° video for your campaign. When considering what image to use, pay special attention to where the play button, video title, and video subtitle will overlay. Specs: Image resolution should be 1320 x 1241 pixels at 72 ppi & video cannot exceed 200mb.



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